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South Bend Sod Busters, Inc., A.K.A Sod Busters Off The Road Club came into being in the early 1970's, and was incorporated as an 'official' not-for-profit organization in 1975. 'Home' to the club is approximately 18 acres of off-road fun located on Sycamore Road in South Bend, Indiana. Club members enjoy road rallies, hill-climbing, obstacle course racing, mud bogs, trail riding, camping, and much more at "the property". Also located at the property is a ramp index, a vehicle balance beam, a playground for kids, and a pavilion for sharing family fun together. Sod Busters invites you to come on out and enjoy some offroad fun with the club!.

Property Rules:
At Sod Buster's property, safety comes first!!!
With this in mind, the club and property by-laws can be found here.

Click the map above for property directions.


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